The Issues

WCPSS is operationally efficient and academically strong. As a Board member, Jim works to maximize quality and effectiveness in all schools for all students.

Strong Communities

  • A strong school system ensures a healthy and prosperous community.
  • A well educated population and quality workforce attracts investment and retains businesses.
  • High-quality education is the foundation of a rich and innovative culture that attracts diverse people to Wake County.

Effective Governance

  • Champion of non-partisan, education-centered governance.
  • Sound decision-making based on experience in the classroom and expertise in research and data analysis. 
  • Listens to and values public feedback.

High-Quality Education for All Students

  • Strong advocate for comprehensive education (arts, humanities, languages, mathematics, sciences, and vocational/technical). 
  • Understands the limitations of standardized tests to assess student achievement and teacher performance.  Assessments must also evaluate critical thinking and creativity.
  • Recognizes attracting and retaining outstanding teachers for every classroom maximizes student engagement and learning.
  • High quality education will close the achievement gap AND challenge advanced learners.

Fiscal Leadership

  • Advocates for sustainable funding necessary for maximal educational value while ensuring an efficient and cost-effective system.
  • Develop strategies to prevent the creation of high-poverty, low-achieving schools—saving taxpayers money.
  • Minimize administrative bureaucracy to maximize teacher’s time for instruction and professional development.

An Experienced Accessible Leader


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