A letter from Jim

Dear Voters,

Today, I again filed for re-election to the Wake County Board of Education in District 5. I again commit to using my experience as an active educator, my expertise as a returning board member, and my leadership skills to persist in the ongoing work to achieve systemic change that will support the full education of each child, every day.

My service in elected office began in 2011, when good governance and equitable support of our diverse student body were eroding. Since that time, I have listened, learned, and helped accomplished much -- advocating for budgets, writing policies, and working to address historic legacies of racial and economic inequalities in public education. Together, we still have much work to do. I ask for your partnership, your support, and your vote.


Jim Martin

Experienced, Accessible Leader

  • Wake County Board of Education, Member (2011-present)
    • Board Chair (2018-2019)
    • Board Vice Chair (2017-2018)
    • Policy Committee, Member, Chair (2012-2018)
    • Facilities Committee, Member
  • Professor of Chemistry, NC State University
  • UNC-System Faculty Assembly (2007-2018), Parliamentarian (2012-2018)
  • Chair of the NCSU Faculty (2009-2010)

Jim Martin’s goal as a Wake County School Board member is to: govern effectively in a non-partisan fashion, exercise fiscal responsibility and bring high quality education to ALL students in ALL schools.

  • As a board member he will govern collaboratively with local municipalities and the county commissioners, build public-private partnerships, and ensure a clear focus on student achievement that is not subordinated to any partisan principle.
  • He will passionately advocate for comprehensive education, which includes the arts, humanities, languages and sciences. Understanding the limitations of standardized testing, he will push for consideration of “multiple intelligences” when assessing students and teachers. From personal and professional experience, Jim also understands and will continue to stress the importance of both academic and vocational/technical education.
  • He will seek to obtain sustainable funding for the operational support, maintenance, improvement, and extension of the school system, finding creative ways to utilize them to maximize the educational impact for all students.
  • And, from his perspective as a teacher, he recognizes that time is an invaluable resource. Responsible management of this resource includes efforts to limit bureaucracy to afford teachers the time they need for instruction and professional development.

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